Project Feature: City of Las Vegas

The city had installed the preformed thermoplastic with a brick pattern on to a concrete surfaced crosswalk.  The material had problems with bonding and premature wear.  They asked if we could do something using Endurablend.  We used grinders to remove the preformed thermo.  We then filled in the joints with EB and applied a thin layer of EB over the entire crosswalks.  We then laid down the stencils and sprayed on the brick design. 

The city has contracted us to apply EB on new and existing older sidewalks.  The EB is a great option to consider for resurfacing of older concrete surfaces instead or ripping out the sidewalks and re-installing the concrete.  Another great benefit of the EB, is that chewing gum does not stick well to EB and when the gum is removed, you don’t have the black staining that you get with regular chewing gum.

Decorative Crosswalk Project

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