Pavement Preservation

What is a pavement preservation treatment?

Pavement preservation treatment is a cost-effective technique that extends pavement lifespans. This form of proactive repair makes highway road conditions safer, allows for a free flow of traffic and saves taxpayer dollars. Traditional highway repair follows a “worst-first” strategy, where roads are repaired only when conditions are unserviceable. This is not only dangerous to roads with declining conditions, but it is not a sound financial strategy. When a road is only repaired when no longer drivable, it requires complete reconstruction. Endurablend's pavement preservation treatment is much more costly than the new preventative measures that have been introduced.

Road repair can be divided into two categories:

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the common traditional practice, where sections of the road are repaired only after events or seasons. Pavement preservation treatments restore the serviceability of the road.




Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a proactive measure to extend road lifespans while also repairing road damage. Endurablend's pavement preservation treatments not only restore serviceability but also reduces aging of the pavement.

Pavement preservation treatments are the new alternative to traditional pavement repair and promises many benefits. Each dollar spent on preventative measures now will save an estimated six dollars in future routine maintenance.

Asphalt Binders/ Emulsions


Emulsions and binders are cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives to hot-mix asphalt.

Concrete Pavement Repairs


Similar to asphalt repairs, concrete pavement requires preservation techniques for durability and sustainability. Full-depth and partial-depth repairs are the most common, but many alternative treatments are emerging in the industry.

Crack and Joint Treatments


Cracks and joints are more isolated repairs that require individual treatments. Crack sealing and crack filling are both techniques to prevent water or incompressible materials from entering the crack. The difference between the two is that crack sealing uses specialized treatments and crack filling uses ordinary treatments.

Thin Surface Elements


Thin overlays are used with structurally-sound roads to increase surface life and improve driving conditions. Endurablend™ is a thin polymer cement surfacing treatment that can imrpvoe surface quality with low cost and higher road lifespans.