buffered bike lanes

Bike and Bus Lane Markings from Endurablend

Cities, counties, and municipalities all over the U.S. rely on Endurablend to mark their bike and bus lanes. Roads and highways can create trouble between motorists, bus drivers, and bicyclists because they all think they have the right-of-way. The option is to create visible buffered bike lanes in order to avoid confusion and accidents. By clearly marking these lanes, you will not only help to avert these problems but also decrease traffic congestion. When we apply Endurablend bus and bicycle pavement markings to the road, it is installed in a hexagon pattern to increase friction and minimize rainwater on the surface.

Reasons why city planners always rely on us when they need green bicycle road markings

Buffered bike lane pavement markings are used to designate areas of the road that are used by bicyclists. It allows motorists and bicyclists to drive separately from one another, which creates a safe traffic environment for everyone on the road. Here at Pavement Surface Coatings LLC, we help our clients to create the following types of bike lanes:

  • Conventional Bike Lanes: Used to designate lanes for bicyclists driving in parallel with motorists and bus drivers.
  • Left-side Bike Lanes: Designate biking lanes on one-way streets divided by a median
  • Buffered Bike Lanes: These add space between the bicyclist and the parking lane
  • Contra-Flow Bike Lanes: These are lanes for bicyclists going against the flow of traffic
  • Cycle tracks: Used for tracks where there is no motor traffic
  • Spot Treatment in Areas of Conflict: These are typically used at intersections, and they give bicyclists a place to stop and wait to cross

Why you should choose our red bus lane road markings

Bus lanes can be found in any place where there is a lot of traffic, such as highways leading in and out of the city, downtown areas, and some suburban areas. You can usually tell if a lane is designated for buses because it has a red or another alternating color. The lane will typically be marked with the words “Bus Only.” Using bus lane markings is a perfect solution for both motorists and pedestrians

There are just some of the reasons why you should choose our bus lane road markings:

  • It helps to keep buses from getting stuck in a traffic jam
  • Drivers are alert to the conditions of the road on which they are driving
  • Improved traffic conditions for everyone using the road
  • Increased efficiency of public transport