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    Re-Fueling Stations
    De-Icing Areas
    Pedestrian Crosswalks and Sidewalks
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Endurablend was originally developed as a micro-surfacing treatment for Airport pavements to protect the asphalt and concrete surfaces from petroleum products in the fueling areas. Subsequently, it has been refined to be used as colored markings in gate areas and taxiways, asphalt, and concrete preservation and rehabilitation and antiskid surfacing in ancillary areas of the airport.

As with all Endurablend applications, excellent bond is achieved on both asphalt and concrete surfaces.  Endurablend’s durability and environmental stability, will provide 5 years and more, useful life of all markings, protective and antiskid applications.  Where necessary, EB can be treated with retroreflective glass beads for nighttime delineation.

Endurablend is also unaffected by all deicing compounds employed at airports.


  • Airport Markings
  • Runway Markings. 
  • Taxiway Markings
  • Holding Position Markings
  • Runway Designators
  • Runway Side Stripe Markings
  • Runway Shoulder Markings
  • Runway Threshold Markings
  • Displaced Threshold
  • Runway Centerline Marking
  • Relocated Runway Threshold
  • Runway Aiming Point Marking
  • Demarcation Bar
  • Runway Touchdown Zone Markers
  • Runway Threshold Bar
  • Centerline Markings
  • Taxiway Edge Markings
  • Taxi Shoulder Markings
  • Surface Painted Taxiway Direction Signs
  • Surface Painted Location Signs
  • Geographic Position Markings
  • Holding Position Markings for Intersecting
  • Taxiways
  • Non-movement Area Boundary Markings
  • Short Takeoff and Landing
  • Helicopter Landing Areas


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