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With Endurablend we can create designs using virtually any pattern, color on texture that you desire.
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Endurablend – The best asphalt overlay to treat surfaces with

When it comes to driveway overlays, it is their durability that matters most. To make sure pavement stands the test of time, some contractors apply sealers to its surface while others use bonding agents. But what if there were an all-in-one treatment that could incorporate all these properties, increase friction and add an eye-pleasing finishing look to the pavement? The good news is that such a one-of-a-kind surfacing solution has already been around for more than 10 years, and Pavement Surface Coatings LLC is now happy to introduce it to you.

Endurablend is a surfacing material intended not only to enhance pavement durability but to make it second to none. It features a unique combination of the components, including polymer modifiers, aggregates, additives, and Portland cement, which makes it the best option even for heavy traffic applications. Endurablend can be used as an asphalt and concrete polymer overlay to protect surfaces from cracking, delamination and other signs of deterioration for years to come.

Green Walkway asphalt coating


Endurablend Applications

Featured Application: City of Las Vegas

Decorative Crosswalk


Brick Pattern crosswalk


The City of Las Vegas had installed preformed thermoplastic with a brick pattern on to a concrete crosswalk.  The material had problems with bonding andpremature wear.  They asked if we repair the crosswalks using Endurablend.  We used grinders to remove the preformed thermoplastic.  We filled in the joints with EB and applied a thin layer over the entire crosswalks.  We then laid down the stencils and sprayed on the brick design. The city loves the result and continues to specify Endurablend for their decorative crosswalk applications.